Let’s Play Tag!

Hi all you mini album lovers out there! We have this week our very special mini tag album! What in the world is that, you ask. Well, just to tantalize your taste buds, here’re some lovely sneak peeks into our Let’s Play Tag mini album!


                                    dsc01087.JPG          dsc01086.JPG   






Delicious looking isn’t it? Tempted? Well, you should be. This album is compact, simple, flexible and easy to make. Once you have learnt the technique of creating this wonderful mini tag album, you can produce your very own albums customized to suit any occasion!

As usual, almost all materials will be provided for and you only need to bring:

1)      4-5 small photos

2)    Alphas

3)    Acid free tape glue

4)    Fibres / ribbons (we do have, but colours are limited)

5)    Penknife, metal ruler or your favourite cutter (we do provide though)


As the seats are limited, please email fabian@ourcraftplace.com for information on doing a bank transfer to reserve a slot for yourselves.


Details for the Class…

Dates: 27th and 28th October 2007

Time: 1pm to 4pm

Venue: Punggol Area

Cost: $45.00



Promotion, Promotion!!

To all peeps interested in the class, Here Comes Acrylic & Jacob’s Ladder.. here is a good news for you…

Sign up for both classes, and you will recieve a 10% discount!!

Yes, you didn’t hear me wrongly! You don’t have to purchase any items for that!!

Both classes are more of a technique class, enabling you to bring your scrapbooking skills to a whole new level!!!

 So what are you waiting for??

Hurry with the registration!!! 😀

Here Comes Acrylic!

Hello again! Our class for this week is a class that has never been conducted in Singapore! Interested already? Well, here are some pictures to tempt those creative juices!


                                                                  cimg4247.jpg        cimg4248.jpg        


                                                                                    Check out those gorgeous swirls!


This is an acrylic album that uses a pre cut piece of acrylic frame. Acrylic is actually fiberglass that is clear and will not turn yellow over time. To find out more, just sign up for our class!!!


Of course, this class does not end here. We have 3 pieces of acrylic for each participant to paint, ink, use rub ons, stickers…… the possibilities are limitless! To learn more and be among the first to attend this class in Singapore, remember to sign up soon!


                                cimg4255.JPG          cimg4251.JPG


All you are required to bring are:

1)      Scissors, penknives, ruler

2)    Acid free tape glue (we sell them too!)

3)    Alphas (Metal, plastic, stickers, etc)

4)    3 to 4 photos that can be cut into slightly smaller ones


Dates : 19th and 20th October 2007

Time : 1pm to 4pm

Venue : Ponggol Area


Price : $38.00


Jacob’s Ladder Mini Album

Here’s the highly anticipated technique class……, Jacob’s Ladder Mini Album!! This album takes altered art and scrapbooking to a whole new level! Come join us for this exciting and fun class. It will be hard work, but in the end, when the album is completed, this will be your reward….


                    cimg4257.JPG               cimg4258.JPG

Jacob’s Ladder is actually a children’s toy that has endlessly fascinated the young and the old alike. It’s unique way of repeatedly flipping itself over and over again is a complete mystery to those trying to figure it out. Well, in this class, we will unravel the mystery for you and teach you to make your own Jacob’s Ladder.All you are required to bring for the class are:

  1. Acid free tape glue / liquid glue
  2. Scissors, penknife, metal ruler (your own cutter if you have)

As this is a technique class, it is not expected that you will have time to embellish or put any photos in it. The ribbons are free hanging, thus allowing you to slot your photos through at your own convenience. Embellishments are best kept to a minimum in order for the album to fold and flip smoothly. 

Dates : 13th and 14th October 2007

Time : 1pm to 4pm (be prepared to stay a bit later though)

Venue : Ponggol Area

Price : $48.00