New work from our DT

This work is done by Kelvin, the only male in our DT 😀

It’s of some standard ya?

Hope you people enjoyed viewing it…


Love ‘In’ Bottle

Lack of ideas getting a Father’s Day gift? Sick of doing the same old things every year?

How about a change this year round??

A whole new idea, a handmade gift from you, your child, to your beloved husband and dad.

Our Craft Place has came up with a idea, and wishes to share it with those who are interested in the idea, Love ‘In’ Bottle..

This time round, it’s be a mother and child combination! Yes, your child would also participate in the making of Love ‘In’ Bottle..

Of couse, not forgetting, we will also be doing a Father’s Day card to go with the Love ‘In’ Bottle 😀

Location: Punggol

Date: 17th May 2008

Price: $20 for a Mother & Child Pair (Child must be age 5 and above)

Please e-mail for enquiry and more information..

P/S: Due to unforseen circumstances, we have changed the class Acrylic Frames to Love ‘In’ Bottle for safety reasons as there will be lots of sharp edges doing the acrylic frame.


Hurray!! The long awaited Big Bite is here!! Sorry for the scare earlier on about not being able to recieve it on time.. hehehe…